What is the Yellow Brick Network?

An alternative news site with news so fake you'll believe it's real. The Yellow Brick Network brings you the best in geopolitics, business spectulation, sports commentary, and more!

How can the Yellow Brick Network be trusted?

The Yellow Brick Network only allows the most reliable and backed up information to be shown on the site that is verified by our highly-trained team of mentally ill schizopernics. Our coverage has garnered us many awards and accolades, so many in fact that we can't show them here as they are too many to count and would quite frankly bore you. From this you can be reassured what you're reading is of the most highest quality which we at the Yellow Brick Network are known for.

What's up with the rabbit?

He's our mascot that one day just showed up to our office and demanded to be plastered over the site at gunpoint. We don't know where he is from, what's his purpose, or what's his end goal, but he gives off an energy who unnerves us. Last time we attempted to remove him resulted in a few cracked skulls and a Ford Fiesta being taken on a joyride, so now we leave him alone, and let him have his way with the site. Please don't interact with him.

How can I contribute?

Our editors are always looking for interesting and legitimate stories to share, and if you have something worth our attention we would love to feature i; we can be contacted through the allocated email below.