Major Controversy After FIFA Permits Hand Guns To Add a New Dynamic Edge To The Game

Triger warning for liberal as u poofs need dem deez days

Roite, so I was at da pub with Barry, Steve, and Tyrone (he is one of the good ones) an we were having a beer aftah work becuz we had a hard day grafting an wen we were watching the football da breaktime commenary came on and they announced they were gonna add guns to the game as after a good couple hundred fooking years they realised just watching a ball get kciked around is fooking boring. To be honest though normal football is great I think dis a welcome chnage, amount of time the ref has gave da red card to sum of my favorut players like Ngubu for punching other players is way outta line and if he could give ref a piece of his mind den that's good idea honestly.

However some people like hoomin rights people and my woif (hate my woif) and famminists say it's actually not safe an harms people. Who r dey to judge what people do on de field, tey don't even watch the game an if they did den wood understand dat its not bad idea to allow guns wen people take da piss. Imagine in da Ingland vs Italay game if we coulda shot dat huge Itaian keepah, we woodad won an mi £1500 bet on Ingland dat wos suppose to go on da hoilday woodent gone waste. Still think Rahem Starling is one of the good ones.

Don't think da snowflakes an left wing libarals shod get involved an like boy be boys, keep gettin involved in my sports an psuhing against positive changes. Deez were da same peple who pushed anti drink drving laws so y shud i be surprised, can't have benders anymore, cant have shit. However, Norf FC is forever ITS COMING HOME