UK Train Strikes: Union leader threatens VIOLENT MURDER OF EVERY UK CITIZEN unless agreement is met on pay.

"I'm sorry I have to do this..." Union Leader Mick Lynch said as he punched in the skull of an interviewer before drinking the blood and looking for his next victim. This is in a massive turn of events after the UK government still refuses a 7% pay increase of rail workers and instead decides to spend that money on crack cocaine as in Boris Johnson's words "Lmao fuck them train workers, working on the train hahahahah. That shit autistic asf man. I don't use the train, that's poor people shit; I've sniffed several lines of coke already today and beat up several train workers who have been sent to kill me by Mick Lynch's lynch mob. Come fight me Mike you little bitch." Mike says he will but first needs to figure out how to get there as the trains are not running and he doesn't know how to get there now. More violence is expected in days to come.